What Is It Like Living in New Jersey?

When considering if living in New Jersey is the right move for you or not, there are plenty of things to consider: What is the nightlife like? How’s the traffic? Is it anything like Jersey Shore? To the last question, the answer is an absolute no. For the rest of those questions, though, we are going … Continued

What To Know About The New Jersey Foreclosure Process

If you’re a resident of New Jersey or just a lover of New Jersey foreclosure statistics, you are most likely well aware the beautiful Garden State is one of the five states that has posted double-digit increases in foreclosure starts in the United States (joined by Florida, New York, Indiana, and Mississippi).  The not-so-recent outbreak … Continued

Sell Your House With An Easy Kitchen Makeover

You may have heard that to help sell your house fast, you need to give your kitchen a makeover. While this may seem like a ludicrous idea at first, it may be easier than you think––and you might be more successful at selling your house than you originally thought! It’s true! While a kitchen makeover … Continued

Bathroom Themes: Do’s and Dont’s To Sell Your House Fast

Are you the type of person who loves to theme your bathrooms? Have you unashamedly decorated your bathroom with a beach theme? If so, You’re not alone. Nature and spa themes are pretty typical across the country. Be warned, though, some of these themes can inhibit your ability to sell your house fast.  Although it … Continued

How to Use Ceiling Paint to Sell Your House Fast in NJ

You’ve probably heard that when getting ready to sell your house, you should revive your walls with a new layer of paint. Does this mean you should paint your ceilings too? Can you use the same kind of paint on the ceilings that you use on the walls? How will this help sell your house … Continued

How Ottomans Can Help Sell Your House Fast in NJ

When you’re ready to sell your house, there are a million things to consider. What will make your house sell quickly? How can I get the best price for my house? How do I stage a house? What is staging a house?  We know that it is easy to get overwhelmed by this process. One … Continued

What Stinks? 5 Smells That Won’t Sell Your House in NJ

Have you gone nose blind? Have you become so used to the stink that lives inside your house that you don’t even notice it anymore? If you’re trying to sell your house fast, this could be a big problem.  Unfortunately, if you’re trying to sell your house, buyers will step into your house with a … Continued

How Colorful Details Can Help Sell Your House in NJ

Neutral paint tones. No photos of family and friends. These are some tips you may have heard to help sell your house fast. While, yes, these tips are valid, going too far and removing the energy from your house can actually do more harm than good! Sure, get rid of those loud paint tones and … Continued

How a Garage Sale Can Help Sell Your House Fast in NJ

Whether you are going through a divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or you just want to sell your house fast, cleaning up is an inevitable part of the process. This means clearing out all of your built-up clutter and removing any objects you do not use. A garage sale is a great way to clear out your … Continued

How Wall Art Can Help Sell My House Fast in NJ

Art makes walls visually stimulating. You might not think to yourself: “Art can help you sell my house fast,” but it can! With just a touch of personality and fun intertwined with your walls, your NJ house will sell from the faster than you can say “you’ve got a deal.” Often, we choose wall art … Continued

Advantages of Selling to a Real Estate Investor in NJ

Should I sell my property to a real estate investor? What is the difference between a real estate investor and a real estate agent? How can I sell my property fast? What do I do if I can’t afford my property anymore?  These are all common questions that go through a homeowner’s mind before they … Continued

Can White Walls Help You Sell Your House Fast in NJ?

You may have been told that to sell your house fast, you must paint your walls gray. Indeed, gray gives you a lot of room for decisions. The neutral color can be used to give your room an elegant feel or a soft and cozy mood.  What about white, though? Can white walls work when … Continued

Tips to Sell My House Fast With Window Treatments

Natural sunlight one guaranteed way to make any room more pleasant, spacious, and cheerful. If you’re asking “how to sell my house fast,” window treatments are going to be one of your best friends. If buyers view the rooms as larger, your entire property will appear to be bigger––and you will sell your house faster! … Continued

What To Do With Trashed Rental Properties in NJ

Are you a landlord with one or more rental properties? Did one of your tenants trash your rental property and jet off? Are you getting tired of being a landlord? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this article is for you.  Let’s be honest: nearly every landlord has opened the door to … Continued

5 House Horrors That Will Scare Away Estate Buyers NJ

When estate buyers visit your house, you want them to feel at ease, optimistic, and excited. What you don’t want is an estate buyer repulsed or frightened. From the exterior look of your house to the walls of your kitchen, buyers will carefully assess your property.  This article will provide you with the top five … Continued