Can White Walls Help You Sell Your House Fast in NJ?

You may have been told that to sell your house fast, you must paint your walls gray. Indeed, gray gives you a lot of room for decisions. The neutral color can be used to give your room an elegant feel or a soft and cozy mood. 

What about white, though? Can white walls work when you are trying to sell your house? The answer is “yes!” White walls make a room feel crisp and light. White walls also give you a clean slate to enliven and decorate how you please. There are a few ways to really make those walls sell your house fast, though. We’re here to share our insider secrets with you. Let’s dive right in!

Sell Fast With These Tips

Ramp Up the Accents

House with white walls in Edison, New Jersey, sold to Templar Real Estate Enterprises.

To give your room a professional glow, sprinkle the area with an accent color of your choosing. Incorporate the color through decorative pillows, art pieces, rugs, and other items such as coasters, floral arrangements, and lampshades. 

You should try to keep the accent color in connected rooms consistent. For example, if your dining room and kitchen connect, use the same pop of color in both rooms. 

In rooms that are not connected, though, you have a bit more space for creativity. Feel free to choose different accent colors in these rooms, however, we recommend selecting a tone in the same “family” as the other colors you have chosen. For instance, if the accent color in an upstairs bedroom is green, a nice accent color for the hallway bathroom could be blue. This way, you can use multiple different colors while still giving your house some congruence. 

Take the Monochromatic Route

If color isn’t your thing, there is nothing wrong with a monochromatic color scheme. In fact, they can feel very soothing and peaceful. If your walls are white, consider incorporating shades of beige and cream and different patterns and textures into the room. This will give the space depth and keep it visually appealing. 

While walls will never ruin the look of your house, decor that clash or that are out of balance will. 

Find the Perfect Shade

Painting your walls white sounds simple enough, but there are countless different shades to choose from. White can have a warm feel, like Benjamin Moore Simply White, a cool tone, like Benjamin Moore Paper White, or a creamy look, like Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

If you are unsure which shade of white fits the space best, test them out! Paint small portions of your walls to get a feeling for how the color feels in the room. Take a look at the samples at different points of the day to see how the color varies with changing lighting. 

White doesn’t mean boring. Be brave! Paint your walls white and make them pop your way!

Don’t want to Paint? No Problem!

If a paint job isn’t nearly enough to get your house buyer-ready, contact Templar Real Estate Enterprises. We will give you a fair cash offer on your New Jersey property no matter the condition of your house. You’ll sell your house fast in no time! Call 937-240-8593 or visit our website to receive your offer within 24 hours. 

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