How to Use Ceiling Paint to Sell Your House Fast in NJ

You’ve probably heard that when getting ready to sell your house, you should revive your walls with a new layer of paint. Does this mean you should paint your ceilings too? Can you use the same kind of paint on the ceilings that you use on the walls? How will this help sell your house fast? 

These are just a few of the questions we will answer in this article. By the end, you’ll be a ceiling painting professional! Selling your house fast will be as easy as 1-2-3! Let’s dive right in. 

Ceiling Paint: All You Need to Know to Sell Your House Fast

Safety First

When you paint any larger surface, especially your ceiling, use a roller guard on your paint roller. The guard will catch any rogue drips. Be sure to protect your floors and furniture with a drop cloth in case any residue does fall from above.

Bedroom with painted ceiling in Lodi, NJ.

Wear goggles––the last thing you want is to stare wide-eyed at your ceiling as paint falls into your eyes! Last but not least, only wear clothes that you don’t particularly care about. No matter how clean you try to be, paint always manages to spatter everywhere.

Why Ceiling Paint? 

When you are preparing to sell your house, it is never a bad idea to refresh up your ceilings.  Ceiling paint is thicker than your average wall paints for a couple of different reasons: 

  • The thickness makes it easier to use when you are painting above you. 
  • It is easier to mask minor flaws like small cracks and indentations with thick paint.  

If you use generic paint, don’t be surprised if you need to use two coats on your ceiling. The process can be quite tiring, and your neck is bound to get sore from your constant upward gaze. It is a great feeling to finish the paint job, but you likely won’t rush to do it again!

To speed the process along (and to avoid neck pain), it’s a good idea to use ceiling paint instead of wall paint. While it is a bit more costly, you will be able to accomplish your job with one coat. Ceiling paint will also give the room a crisp, professional glow. 

Painting Your Ceiling Colors

This advice only pertains to ceilings you wish to paint white. If you want to use color instead, it is best to invest in a premium wall paint. Premium paint will still give you all the advantages that ceiling paint does, but it will do better with the color tint. It is especially important to use premium paint if you want to give your room a monochromatic look. 

Not Invested in Painting? No Problem!

Are a few coats of paint nowhere near enough to make your house market-ready? If your house needs work, but you don’t have the time, budget, or energy to fix it, reach out to Templar Real Estate Enterprises. We will make you an honest cash offer regardless of the condition of your property. Visit our website for your offer today or call us at 937-240-8593.

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