Bathroom Themes: Do’s and Dont’s To Sell Your House Fast

Are you the type of person who loves to theme your bathrooms? Have you unashamedly decorated your bathroom with a beach theme? If so, You’re not alone. Nature and spa themes are pretty typical across the country. Be warned, though, some of these themes can inhibit your ability to sell your house fast. 

Although it may float your boat, it might be what sinks your shot at getting an offer. Buyers are picky. If they don’t like your theme, it could be enough to dissuade them. So, when you select a theme, make sure to express it through decorations rather than through permanent fixtures. 

What bathroom fixtures can sell my house fast? 

Bathroom decorated with beach theme located in Hamilton Township, NJ.

DON’T: Use Permanent Fixtures 

Permanent fixtures refer to items that are physically attached to a space. These include tiling, lighting, sinks, etc. You should try to keep these things as neutral as you can––or at least make sure they fit in with your house style.  If your house has a modern feel, your fixtures should be modern too. If it is more traditional, your fixtures should be traditional!

DO: Accessorize With Replaceable Items

There are many ways to convey your bathroom theme that don’t involve permanent fixtures. For example, you could express it with some fun art! Allow items like shower curtains, a garbage pail, rugs, and soap to pick up your theme. If you want to take it even further, funky door handles are a fun (but easily replaceable) way to spice up your bathroom.

The Beach Theme: Do’s and Dont’s

The beach theme is simple and fun to execute. Use shells, starfish hangings, vases covered in net, paintings of waves, or sea breeze air-freshener to bring the shore to your bathroom! There are so many different beach decorations and it won’t be hard to find a multitude of scents and items to brighten up the room! 

The nautical theme is another that ties in water. Incorporate decor that features thick stripes, ship wheels, knots, whales, or anchors. 

Out of The Water Themes

Want to stray from aquatic ideas? Perhaps select an earthier “spa” theme. Fill your bathroom with wood or bamboo items. Bring in a small plant or flower, light blue, green or brown towels, a reed diffuser, or some decorative crystals. There are even bath mats that look like they are made from river stones

If it makes you happy, go wild with your bathroom theme. Just remember, if you want buyers to be interested in your house, make sure your theme is limited to decorations! Most buyers won’t be too happy if your bathroom is covered in palm tree wallpaper and there is coral reef tiling in the shower. 

Options to Sell Your House Fast

Are bathrooms just the beginning of your problems? If your house needs a lot more than a few quick fixes or themes, contact Templar Real Estate Enterprises. We are a legitimate real estate company based in New Jersey and we are ready to buy your house fast for cash!

Regardless of the condition of your bathrooms or house, we give you a fair cash offer within a day.  Give us a call at 937-240-8593 or visit our website for an offer.

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