How Colorful Details Can Help Sell Your House in NJ

Neutral paint tones. No photos of family and friends. These are some tips you may have heard to help sell your house fast. While, yes, these tips are valid, going too far and removing the energy from your house can actually do more harm than good!

Sure, get rid of those loud paint tones and personal photographs, but then add some pops of color and accessorize! In this article, we’ll go over how to make your house pop out to potential buyers. Trust us, it’s as easy as 1-2-3! 

Use What You’ve Got

You likely already own some visually appealing items. Gather up some of your favorite objects and look at what you have. Do they give you any ideas for a color scheme? Starting with a blank slate, it is simple to stage with consistent colors; however, it might prove difficult when you are using objects you already own. 

If you’re finding it too boring or complicated to choose just one color, try to organize your living area with the same few colors. The colors in the master bed and bath should be consistent with each other, for example. So should the colors in the basement. 

Make it Balanced

If you have artwork displayed in the kitchen or dining room, simply consider using decorative objects from that pallet. For instance, if the art in your living room features dark red and orange, tie the space together with similarly colored items. If you don’t have red or orange items in your house, you can fill the couch with inexpensive decorative pillows that match the color palette. 

You might also want to place a red flower or arrangement or put a matching vase on the table that lies directly in front of the couch. Maybe you have a few red or orange coasters! Whatever you decide to use, make sure the room is balanced! This will make your room visually stimulating and give it a professional glow––ensuring that you will sell your house fast and easy!

Color Across the House 

What if the colors in the adjoining rooms clash with your orange and red color scheme? Say your family and dining rooms feature green and blue tones. It will be harder to tie these rooms into the palette you’ve created in your living room, but we promise you that it can work!

Just revisit your living room and add a dash of blue. When you decorate your dining and family room, follow the blue and green theme, but add a bit of orange or red. This way, all the rooms flow together, even though their primary colors differ. 

Continue this tactic in all of your other rooms to pull together your entire space. Whether you want to sell your house fast or are just looking to polish up your house, this approach will fill your space with balance and zest. 

Color Just Not Enough? 

If you need a lot more than color pops to get your house market-ready, contact Templar Real Estate Enterprises. No matter what the condition of your house (inside or out!), our NJ business will provide you with a fair cash offer within 24 hours! Call us at 937-240-8593 or visit our website to get a cash offer now!

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