How Wall Art Can Help Sell My House Fast in NJ

Art makes walls visually stimulating. You might not think to yourself: “Art can help you sell my house fast,” but it can! With just a touch of personality and fun intertwined with your walls, your NJ house will sell from the faster than you can say “you’ve got a deal.”

Often, we choose wall art that has a personal meaning to us. For you, this may mean displaying a large family photo over your mantle, hanging a quilt that your grandmother sewed, or exhibiting a painting of your favorite vacation spot. Maybe your style is more modern and you decorate with funky geometrical pieces. 

No matter what the style, giving your walls personality is a fun way to add some positive energy to your house––and it doesn’t have to break the bank! 

Make Your Own Wall Art

DIY Wall Art

Say you want to decorate your walls, but you have no artwork to display. Maybe you don’t have the budget, time, or energy to go searching for new pieces. That means it is time to improvise! 

Look around your house for materials you already own. Gather fabrics, scrapbook papers, and other cloths or art supplies with interesting patterns, colors, and textures. Slide a material into one of your old picture frames, and viola! You’ve made some make-shift, appealing wall art.

If your featured paper or fabric has an interesting texture, consider taking the glass out of your frame to show it off!

Using this strategy, you can decorate entire rooms in a single day. It will cost you barely any time and NO money to give your walls a total makeover. This method is also an easy and effective idea if you are staging your house and want to give it a pop of color. 

Make it Neutral

It is always wise to neutralize your house before you put in on the market. This means taking down family or personal photographs and art that are specific to your style. However, neutralizing walls does not mean stripping them down until they are sad and empty!

Decorating with framed fabrics and papers is a perfect compromise. It will make your house lively without looking too personal. 

Not Your Problem

Perhaps you don’t want to spruce up your walls before selling your house. Maybe the walls are not your primary concern. If your house needs a makeover that extends beyond decor and you want to sell your house fast, contact Templar Real Estate Enterprises.

We will make you a fair cash offer on your house in its as-is condition. Call us at 937-240-8593 or visit our website for your offer within 24 hours!

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