Tips to Sell My House Fast With Window Treatments

Natural sunlight one guaranteed way to make any room more pleasant, spacious, and cheerful. If you’re asking “how to sell my house fast,” window treatments are going to be one of your best friends. If buyers view the rooms as larger, your entire property will appear to be bigger––and you will sell your house faster!

This can be a dangerous game, though. By selecting improper window treatments, many sellers unknowingly “shrink” the rooms in their houses. This article can serve as your ultimate guide. By using the knowledge below, you can get a fast cash offer on your house!

The Right Treatments: 3 Insights

A room with natural light in Lyndhurst, NJ. With Templar Real Estate Enterprises, you can sell your rental property without worrying about window treatment!

Keep the Windows Clear

There are many kinds of blinds, each with a diverse range of light-filtering ability. Window treatments vary even more. There are countless patterns, styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from. The treatment you pick can affect how much light enters a room––even if the blinds are up. 

Letting fabric obscure some or all of a window is a common mistake of house sellers. While window treatments are sometimes used to control light and provide privacy, their primary purpose is usually visual. Let your windows give your rooms flare while also allowing the light to shine through. 

Don’t let them block the windows; it will only make your room seem smaller!

Consider Your House

The fact of the matter is, the larger the house and rooms, the more money the property generally sells for. Since windows can make your rooms seem bigger, you should use them as a tool. One way to do this is to hang your treatment rod just a couple inches below your ceiling. Then, where the window frame ends, extend the rod more than a foot on either side. Doing so welcomes light in while also making your room and windows seem larger. 

In some cases––most often when staging unoccupied houses––sellers forgo window treatments. This happens when windows block more light than they should, doing more damage than good! If you’re selling your house and have window treatments for stylistic reasons, privacy, or light control, it is crucial to prioritize light. The more sun you let into your house, the more buyers will like what they see!

Your Other Option

If you need to sell my house fast but windows are only the beginning of your obstacles, it is time to contact Templar Real Estate Enterprises. Our New Jersey business will take your house out of your hands as-is. There is no need to bother with curtains or window treatments when you work with Templar. So give us a call at 937-240-8593 or visit our website for a fair, quick cash offer. 

Sell My House Fast! Call Templar Real Estate Enterprises at 937-240-8593 or visit our website to get a cash offer within 24 hours!

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