The majority of the people that need to sell their homes for cash are doing so because they are in financial trouble. Companies that buy for cash always try to provide a Win-Win situation. This approach fixes the immediate situation but not the long term problem in most cases. Financial troubles impact the family and everyone involved. People feel extremely hopeless and stranded on an island. We have a number of programs that are exclusive to the homeowners who are selling their homes to us. These programs are designed to help them move forward in a positive way and build a new life. The following services are offered at NO COST after your house is sold.


An immediate challenge is looking for a new place to live after your home is sold, especially if the closing is within 2 weeks. We can work with you to come up with different options for residency including:

• Initial walkthrough by our team of your potential new residency

• Provide pictures and feedback of the walkthrough along with a checklist

• Arrange for subsequent personal visit

• Assist in negotiating price

• Under certain circumstances, work with a non-profit organization that can help with the monthly rental fees or mortgage for a period of time.


Trying to get ready to move out of your home quickly can be a stressful situation, not to mention the cost, coordination, getting supplies and other associated factors.

We will:

• Provide a moving truck

• Provide assistance packing

• Provide packing supplies

• Provide assistance loading and unloading the truck


One of the challenges, when you are having financial problems, is to look at your situation objectively and not make the same mistakes again. This is easier said than done. When having financial problems, it is easy to repeat the same problems again and again and never move forward. We can provide you with an independent and trusted financial planner that will look at your situation and help you with a budget and a plan to move forward. No other CASH for YOUR HOUSE company will do this for you!

Call us at 1-888-308-3675. We will help you through this process as quickly as possible