More Than Just the Average Private Money Lender

One of the biggest mistakes that real estate investors can make is trying to do everything alone. To hedge against this, investors should strategically leverage with trusted partners. Templar Real Estate Enterprises can be your company’s strategic partner. We help the hard working real estate investors like you, by joint venturing with you and making capital easily accessible for your real estate venture.

Your Strategic Partner In Real Estate Investments

Our joint venture program helps expand your investment opportunities. This program works through mutual interests. You bring you and your team (If applicable)

and we will bring our knowledge, skills and resources; and we’ll supply the needed cash to get it off the ground. We appreciate your time and effort towards growing your business and we’re here to help it reach its full potential. By working together, we can ensure that your company obtain its goals, and succeeds.

Joint Ventures Include:
• Up To 90% Of Acquisition & Remodel Costs; Requires 10% deposit of funds (at times 0%)
• 3-12 Month Terms
• 0% Interest
• Fix & Flip Partner Provides Minimum 10% Of Acquisition & Remodel Costs
• You will run the project with our assistance
• Monthly 1%-1.5% Project Management Fee based on Capital In Use
• Remaining Net Profit Is Split 50/50